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Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship USA 2024 – Fully Funded

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship In USA 2024 is now accepting applications. The Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship goes beyond typical academic support by providing a transformative experience in addition to financial assistance.

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation welcomes applications from students studying history, political science, policy studies, law, political economics, communications and media, and sociology, among other fields. The quality of their study, their promise for intellectual and professional leadership as a rising junior scholar, and their ability to throw new light on contemporary issues in American politics, foreign policy, and America and the World will be considered.

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship serves as a light of opportunity for ambitious scholars in their pursuit of academic excellence and the development of leadership characteristics. This coveted scholarship exemplifies the qualities of intellectual curiosity, leadership, and a commitment to public service, as envisioned by Thomas Jefferson, a founding father and promoter of education as a cornerstone of democracy.

Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship Details

  • Host Country: USA
  • Host Institution: USA Universities
  • Eligible Nationality: International Students
  • Course: Business studies, Politics
  • Award Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: February 1, 2024 / As stated on the Official website.

Scholarship Requirements for the Jefferson Scholars Foundation

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To be eligible for this fellowship, the applicant must;

  • be a Ph.D. candidate who expects to finish their dissertation by the end of the Fellowship year or who has formed a comprehensive and credible two-year write-up plan supported by persuasive material. It should be noted that this fellowship is not for post-doctoral applicants.
  • Applicants do not have to be US citizens to apply.
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Once accepted, each Fellow will work with a Mentor to build a network of scholars focused on their research specialty, particularly in solving important policy challenges.

The collaborative process begins in the fall with a meeting at U.Va. or the Hagley for the Galambos Fellow, where the agenda for the year-long cooperation is established and efforts to recruit more network members begin.

This network may participate in activities such as virtual reading groups, workshops, conference panels, symposia, manuscript workshops, and other similar undertakings. Notably, the costs of these network events and activities are funded by a separate budget allotted to each Fellow.

Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship

Materials Needed for the Scholarship


The application must include the following materials and adhere to the word or page limits:

Information sheet for applicants

(1,200 words) – describe your dissertation or book, state the thesis, explain how it adds to or revises existing scholarship, and how or why you chose this specific topic.

Research plan (maximum 500 words) – outline steps for drafting chapters or articles and/or getting them ready for publication.

Network proposal (1,200 words maximum) – identify scholars whose work is central to your own research agenda, and provide brief explanations of how they might fit into a working group that advances the links between their work and your current and future work ambitions.

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Op-ed or blog post (maximum of 750 words) – a sample of public engagement, such as an op-ed or blog post that applies a major finding from your research to a current public policy issue.

A brief statement of interest in professional development (500 words or less) that justifies the applicant’s desire to develop new skills and competencies during the Fellowship, along with an explanation of how the necessary training would likely increase the impact of her/his scholarship and academic leadership.

A bibliography (3 pages) and a curriculum vitae (2 pages) are required.

Writing sample (40 pages maximum) – The chosen sample should be one chapter from your dissertation with a one-page introduction that situates the chapter in the context of the larger project OR an accepted/published journal article.

TWO letters of recommendation (one from your advisor required). Letters of recommendation can be requested during the application process or sent directly to the Selection Commitee at


The application and letter of recommendation deadline for the 2024-25 National Fellowship is February 1, 2024.

No application will be considered until all materials, including letters of recommendation, have been received.

FAQs & Answers

  • What is the Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship?
    • Provide an overview of the scholarship, including its purpose, history, and the types of students it aims to support.
  • Am I eligible to apply for the Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship?
    • Clarify the eligibility criteria, including academic requirements, citizenship, and other relevant factors.
  • How do I apply for the scholarship?
    • Provide information on the application process, including deadlines, required documents, and any specific instructions.
  • What is the selection criteria for the scholarship?
    • Explain the factors that the selection committee considers when reviewing applications, such as academic achievements, leadership, and community involvement.
  • What documents do I need to submit with my application?
    • List the required documents, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal statements.
  • Is financial need a consideration for the Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship?
    • Clarify whether the scholarship is based on merit, financial need, or a combination of both.
  • How are scholarship recipients notified?
    • Explain the notification process and timeline for informing successful applicants.
  • What is the scholarship award amount?
    • Provide information on the financial aspects of the scholarship, including the amount awarded and any additional benefits.
  • Are there specific fields of study or majors supported by the scholarship?
    • Clarify whether the scholarship is open to students in any field of study or if there are specific preferences.
  • Is the scholarship renewable for multiple years?
    • Provide details on whether the scholarship is a one-time award or if it can be renewed for subsequent years based on academic performance.
  • Are international students eligible for the Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship?
    • Specify whether the scholarship is open to domestic and/or international students.
  • Is an interview part of the selection process?
    • Inform applicants about any interview requirements and what they can expect during the interview process.
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